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Gold mining and the state of Alaska share a very close bond. There were large gold rushes in South Central Alaska. The gold prospector’s would risk their lives traveling over the Chilkoot Pass in search of that yellow metal.

The United states has seen quite a few gold rushes. The famous California gold rush of 1849, where the NFL football team got its name. How cool is that :)

Valdez, Alaska was a site on the Gold Rush trail in 1898 during the Klondike Gold rush. Prospectors came from Seattle and San Francisco on steamships. The voyage took weeks. When they reached the old town of Valdez, only a tent city greeted them. They stocked up on supplies and headed over the Valdez Glacier en route to the Klondike Gold fields. At the same time, other prospectors were climbing the Chilkoot Pass embarking from Skagway and Dyea, Alaska. These people were often turned back at the Canadian border by the Mounties. The Valdez Glacier became the all american route to the Gold Fields.

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